Friday, September 25, 2009

At Last...Na Abot Ko ang Langit

At last i've finished this two page spread, i just shoot it with the cam, cause i'm lazy scanning this 17 x 22 page, Now i learn lose penciling, and just tighten,putting detail on the page in the inking process. And look sued i also finished assembling another bootleg Gundam. Hehehehe!!!Thats all for now.Thank you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ambot 0.1

Hello Dudes, I'm back again doing a spread page for Capt.N12 #2 after being lazy for the rest of the week.I finished page 3 yesterday and i also finished inking the back portion of my Album packaging project and my submission for the anthology comics for SDRC, thanks for the Holiday.Ha ha ha!!!!

I celebrated my birthday last week and look what my 2 sisters gave me, a very cool Bulkhead Figure. I also met some new friends from ,(John Amor, Mike, Mark, Can't remember the Girls name). I'm happy that i have met new artist friends here in cebu.At least it shows that The Cebu Comic scene is still alive.And I also thank Chummy for the very cool Original MXPX -Let It Happen album, it brings me lot of memories from my college days.Salamat Kuya.Hehehe!!!