Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Capt.N12 2 pages re-drawn

Just Click the image to see a larger view
(no time to clean my pencils)

Well Capt. N12 is the comic that we've been working since late 2006, I'm responsible doing the pencils and inks,I was hoping to publish it this year (2008). I have finished 18 pages for the first issue, but when i reviewed my art i was very discontented that it came to the point that i decided to redraw the whole issue again.hehehehe!!!! So here is the result. two pages (page 1 & 2) My pencils is not that good, but i think i'm contented with my art now than my previous art.

I'm hoping that this first issue will be finished by december or early 2009.Coz im very excited to draw the second issue because of the villain.hehehehe!!! Wish i could finish pay the bill for my new computer so that i can quit my job and focus doing what i love most. Doing comics!!!!

By the way Capt. N12 is Created by N-12 Kinatao
first issue is written by Ruben Jr.
Pencil & inks by me
and i'm asking Arnel Ong to color it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Busy Doing Covers

This is the reason why i haven't posted any comic strips for a while in this blog, coz i have been very busy doing inlay covers for some local bands here in Cebu plus my morning job. And we also have some big plans on how to dispose this Cd's.I'm going to put some link on this blog as soon as the site is finished.hehehe!!!

And now i'm writing english!!!! hehehe!!! Just for a change.Nevermind my grammar coz i'm just an Engineering graduate.Hope you'll understand my english.hehehehe!!!

I'll post some new strips as soon as i finish coloring it. Thanks!!!!