Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nag Banda2x Na Pud

We are so back on track with my band now,with my two bandmates, 4 jamming sessions and we got three compositions,hehehe!!! That's how we miss making stupid music together. Hope to record it before july ends.This band thing is just filling up my load, but i can't help the itch.At least now we got all the creative freedom on doing our stupid music, no more leadership syndrome, no more i know it all mentality, no more technical bullshit. Just pure Stupid music with simple chords.And the best thing is . . .there's only three of (Childhood friends)us in the band.No more outsider who will try to bring up his so called LEADERSHIP and ruin our stupid music and our creativity.We will change the band name. So that no heart will bleed.hehehe!!!!

On the comic side, 4 more pages to ink, and i'm done with the first issue.


Demontekken said...

maka headbang ko ana inyo banda?hehehe....unsay ngalan bag o mots?

motmot's comics said...

o,maka head bang jud ka chum,hehehe!!! wala pa jud mi ngan ani bandaha.