Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers Obsessions

We just saw The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen & The Transformers exhibit on SM City Cebu Last Saturday , and it was AWESOMEST of all the AWESOME.So when i got home, i could not help myself but took my BLACKOUT toy out from his cage.So there's my baby above.hehehe!!!

And some updates for the Comic Creation Seminar her in cebu, Sued has just approved the venue for the seminar,so i think the poster will be out tomorrow. I'll just post it once sued send the final layout of the poster.

I promised chummy that i will finish my 3rd attempt for the Capt. N12 cover today,but due to some f@king Brownout her in Liloan, I never got the chance to finish it today.

I've also uploaded some stuff that we will be selling on our On-line store.I think i will post for items tomorrow.

Now i'm starting to feel my BC schedule for july, and my biggest problem is, i think i will be Broke for the whole month.Damn!!!

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