Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spread the Hate & Use Your time Wisely

God!!!! I Hate College!!! College ruined my life BIG TIME!!!! It's a very traumatic experience for me. College is none sense , it's bull crap. It is were teachers make money out of you bigtime. They let you :
1. Buy Useless Books
2. Let you study useless lessons.
3. Let you attend useless Seminars
4. Sell you useless f@k-up t-shirts with your course on it.
5. waste time
6. Tell you how your course is so in demand, but the truth you will end up on a department store packing other people's stuff or most commonly ending for students: JOBLESS
7. Let you sign-up on a (WE WILL MAKE MONEY OUT OF YOU) organizations.
8. Sell you an over-priced Ring with the name of your course on it.

Etc.100000 x3

The important thing is to not Graduate in College, it's how you use your time.Amplify your talent and skills, use the time you have to practice the skills you have, and once you have your output's... It's not you who will look for a Job, it will be the JOBS (Note: JOBS with an S) who will look for you.

So now, what i have in mind is to let people know how i hate college,hehehehe!!!! I'm planning to print the ( design above) on a t-shirt.It will be my first attempt on Spreading the Hate on College, and my first attempt on making t-shirt Designs for my MOTee Concepts!!!! hehehehe!!!! I'll post more design soon,once we finish the 1st issue of Captin N12.

At last, i found a Skids action figure. Been looking all malls for this Transformer toy.Now i got myself one.And go check Mc Donalds. thier happy meal kicks ass. Ice Age 3 toys.hehehehe!!!!


Demontekken said...

whoa, still lots of angst left man from college?hehehe, i have to agree with you about college, i was only there for the booze and the buddies and yeah, the chix, heheheh other than those things not much recall from the syllabus... the way mots, elton now has a blog, check it out, nothin yet but heres d address

motmot's comics said...

Evil Chummie!!!! Hehehehe!!!!

morbid said...

PAYTEER ang shirt!

message me if available nah..
i want one BADLY!



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