Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lapu2x vs. Magellan

Last week was full of SHIT!Many problems at the office, many deadlines to be finished, we lost in a bidding for our T-shirt Business ( If we won i could've bought myself a GUNDAM Kit Damn) and still i'm BROKE!!!! Today Bought myself some loose toys though, just a special gift for myself. Hehehehe!!!

Above is my Version of Lapu2x vs. Magellan. Hope my SDRC mates will allow this piece to be published to the Fan Art section for the Anthology comics due this September. (To be published without the captions) Hehehehehe!!!

1 comment:

Demontekken said...

kayeza hehehe, payter, alangan, i-apil jud na thorjak gud hehehe, ako ipost ako bai, nalimot ko kay naginum mi ganiha mao pa ako pag abot,hehehe, pero ako pa ilisdanan.