Sunday, August 16, 2009


First time i uploaded my stupid face on-line, full of confidence that no one will attempt to edit it, coz my primary suspect is busy dating his Girl Friend.Hehehehe!!!

Last Saturday, My fellow SDRC / Three Little Pigs mate,Sued Gave me his sketch on the HULK.So there's me proudly holding Sued's Sketch and inked by Chummy.If a got the Extra cash, i'm gonna frame it, and i'll put it Besides Gerry Alanguilan's Skecth.


Demontekken said...

bai, talikod-genic man pd diay ka sah hehehehe...where's the Hulk sketch?thought you were gonna post it also....:)

SUEDE said...

hahaha! with the way you said it, it sounded like i am some big shot. i am really surprised you liked that hulk, if i get better at it, ill give you a much better sketch.

motmot's comics said...

Ako ni e post ron chum, loaded pa ko trabaho ron, ahak kaayo.Sued nindot na jud kaayo imo art, if you can do better than this, pwerting nindota na cguro.Kay payter naman daan imo art.