Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Times and My Busy Life

Yesterday was a great day for me, I went to Fully Book Ayala with my fellow 3 little pigs and SDCR Buddies (Chumie and Sued) to witness the (I think) First ever Free Comic Book Day here in Cebu.At last a got the Blackest Day 0 and the Ninja Turtles 1 (Re-Print) Comic book for free.hehehe!
After that went directly to SM,to look for a Transparent Jewel Case for our Project With Detached a Local Band here in Cebu who's gonna lunch their debut album this early june. This project will keep me busy for the whole week.I think i'll find a way to multi-task in order for me to ink my delayed project for SDRC.

Yesterday also was my first time to listen to a EMINEM album: Relapse, the lyrics in this album was brutally fun.I never really like HIP-HOP music,But this album was an excemption.I think im gonna look for his other past albums.hehehe!!!And i'm also currently listening to NOFX new album Coaster.I'll keep my playlist full while i'm working my shit out of this projects i got into.(Pasensya na sa Eningles)hehehe!!!!


The Demontekken said...

so ur a Hiphop fan dude, i never knew :), ako gani ive been listening to non-metal albums nowadays (shhhhhhh! dont tell my minions) nilubad na tingale hehehe. ive got Cypress Hill and Body Count(gangsta rap) if u want i cud burn u a copy man.

motmot's comics said...

Hehehe! Completo pud ko cypres hill! Pero di jud kaayo ko ganahan og hiphop chum.