Sunday, June 7, 2009

Three Decepticon & An Autobot

Hey Sued! I'm into robots too! Hehehehe!!!

I've just finished all my sidelines and one of our projects screwed up, so long for our plans. Been pissed all Sunday because of what i did to that big project of ours, but at least i finished it, and i learned my lesson from my mistake.WATCH THE FREAKIN' SPELLING YOU BASTARD.
Apologies for my partners and the band.I'm very sorry.

Just to relieve myself, i bought myself a gift just to make myself happy, got myself 2 transformers toys and an extra 1GB memory for my pc.Thanks to my Mid-Year bonus from our office.Hope that i will be okay tomorrow.

I've been inking straight since Friday, i've finished 3 pages as of Friday. Hey!!! Sued and Chummy! 6 more pages to go for me.hehehe!!!


SUEDE said...

nice robots! i like that bumblebee! give me some? hehehe. anyway, my comics is almost done too. 8 more pages to go! any yeah, its only an 8page story so...

Demontekken said...

is it just me or u forgot to transform the transformer (no pun intended :)) Blackout....anyways, nice collections now that leaves me with none of them robots coz u and (gundamiac) suede are into these things. must not be tempted :) for your work related incident thats part of the learning process i guess, the jobs f@#$ up but it can always be patched up or else shake the damn thing until its unconscious..eheheh