Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm not religious, i believe in our Creator but i don't believe in the church. Sometimes i neglected him, but today i think he showed me sign to go with my plans in life. July is really the worst month for me this year, But 3 good news for me today means . . . I think it will be a good August for me. hehehehe!!!!! I'm not a Skrull... But, He loves you!

The design above, i think will go to my long planned Motie Design.


Demontekken said...

nice design man, im not in awe with the church also but i am a spiritual in the other side of the fence hehehehe.paapila ko sa imo rakets mots ha, hehehe, pero murag sa ebil side of designs lang ko hehhe,

motmot's comics said...

Evil jud ka Chum!!!hehehehe!!!! Slayer still rules!!! dba?